Steps To Consider When Installing Outdoor TV

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If you are seeking to install a TV outlet, you’ll have to ensure that you find a reputable and licensed electrician. Setting up a Television requires a significant amount of technical knowledge. The electrician must be well versed in matters regarding the local electrical codes and laws that surround electrical projects in that particular area.

Currently, some flat screen TV dealers provide free installation services to clients. Even as you intend to set up an extra LED TV or Plasma TV in a particular room of your house, it is apparent that you’ll need additional TV outlets in that area. The prospect of installing a TV outdoor enhances your overall outdoor entertainment incredibly. So let us explore some practical tips on how to install a television on your outdoor and create an appealing backyard.

The location is critical

This is arguably one of the most important factors to consider before Television installation. Does the place look comfortable? Can it be affected by frequent direct and bright sunlight especially during your favourite TV programs? Are you going to place it in a raised location where it can be viewed from multiple angles and areas? These are all critical questions you’ll need to ask yourself even as look for the so-called premium outdoor location for your Smart TV.

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Again, you would want to ensure that you set up your TV in a place that does not expose it to the outside elements including excess heat, moisture and other factors which might compromise its lifespan. For you to enjoy the best viewing experience, all TV installation experts agree that your outdoor television should face north since it somehow puts the sun behind your device. Finally, place the television more than six feet away from a fireplace.

What is type installation method best for you?

After you have established the ideal location for installation, you’ll now have to determine the best method of installation for your outdoor TV. Below are some of the available options:

  • Ceiling mounted: This particular method is most common in restaurants in outside patio locations which feature covered ceilings. It involves the TV being mounted relatively higher in the air, allowing it to be viewed by large groups of people.
  • Existing wall: Did you know that a wall on your fence or deck makes for a decent attachment segment for your outdoor TV? What’s more, it makes it easier for you to set up your TV without necessarily having to build any temporary structure.
  • Pole mounting: Another highly versatile option that gives you the opportunity to locate the best location for your TV outlet installation.

Should you opt for an outdoor rated television?

A significant number of homeowners usually go against the idea of installing a typical outdoor rated television perhaps because of the presumed installation costs. If you are willing to spend a substantial amount of cash, then you can as well go ahead and install this particular type of TV. It is imperative to mention that standard outdoor TVs are usually equipped with unique extra-bright anti-glare LED panels to help make outside viewing a more amazing experience. Again, they come designed with all-weather rated high impact coated aluminium or resin exteriors intended to offer adequate protection against snow, insects, dirt as well as moisture.

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Should you choose wireless or wired set-up?

It is not usually easy handling outdoor TV installation as compared to inside TV which houses all the cables as well as the outlets at your convenience. In this regard, there is two distinct outside cable setup to go with, including wireless and wired. Even though the wireless option is always straightforward and less involving, the wired installation is by far the most reliable and practical method when it comes to setting up your outside television. Whichever option you opt for, just ensure that you offer adequate protection to your loose cables using outdoor-rated pipes or conduits.

The size of your TV matters

The nature, as well as the size of your screen, will determine the weight and installation restrictions that you’ll consider. This implies that you’ll have to locate a place which can support your screen.

TV outlet installation is a major electrical project that demands the full attention of a highly trained electrical expert. We have provided you with the factors to take into consideration before you install your outdoor television.

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