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Why You Need an Air Conditioning at Home

heating and cooling

A house is a place where we meet our pleasure; the place where we can completely dedicate ourselves to the family, enjoy time and relax after the hard day’s work. But a house only becomes home when the inhabitants there, are healthy and happy always. Health and happiness generally depend on the environment of the home. And that’s where air conditioning is a must-have in every house however small or big it is. A well air-conditioned room can impact the mental situation of the inhabitants too.


Air conditioning, in the broad scale, refers to the process of removing moistures, dust, foreign particles, distribute heat, cold and dense and suffocative internal environment of a home for the occupants to have comfort. As the definition itself speaks it, the air conditioning is done using a fan and other modern technologies to distribute the condensed environment to make it free and breathtaking. It can be said as a ventilation form that is used both commercially and domestically to dehumidify the air within. In the cold season, modern air conditioners, besides air conditioning, also releases smooth and gently warm air to keep the occupants warm and in hot season vice versa. Air conditioning also helps to keep, unnecessary dirt and microorganisms away to keep the allergic, asthmatic and bronchitis diseases out of range.


In general cases, the methods of primitive air conditioning were done by opening doors and windows to help allow the fresh air to circulate and also the wet curtains were used to cool the room. Based on that principles only, the modern air conditioners work mostly as refrigerators and air circulants. They have many layer filter that traps and accumulates that dirt. They may also work as an evaporator and also has desiccator chemicals like calcium chloride chambers to reduce humidly contains present there.

air conditioning service


Modern air conditioners are massive and stylish in getting up, mostly set up near the roof so that the ejected colder air can shifts down and circulate near occupants. There are certain things to consider before having a proper  air conditioning installation of the proper device for your house:

  1. Have expert consultancy over choosing the right device for your home. Don’t get overexcited and rush to do things on yourself. Count over Experts
  2. Know about the device; you should know the pros and cons of the device and know when to service the machine and when to replace it.
  3. Have the proper tools to install the air conditioner. Prepare by forming a chamber on an upper side of your room near the roof and proper electric connections
After you have met the above requirements and checked your methods, you are good to go for installation.
  1. Find an unobstructed location in the house, protected sunlight, direct rainwater, direct natural impacts and keep it out of the reach of children.
  2. Secure the mounting plate to the wall, where you want to install it and drill holes to firmly fit it into there.
  3. Make sure to drill a pipe sized hole just above the plate to ensure pipe fitting there.
  4. Check the proper electric connections before setting up the air conditioner mainframe to the wall and pop the pipe out of the hole. Do it under expert supervision
  5. Coming to the outdoor unit, you need to place the base platform over a firm base and place the unit lay, supported to the back wall. Assure all the correct electrical fittings and finally attach the pipes to it.

Tips on Keeping Your Home Conditioning Working Perfectly All Summer

air conditioning service

For every home in Australia, there has been a complaint about the amount they spend in the heating and cooling expenses. This is according to the reports from the department of energy. Thus the central air conditioning is one of the expenses that go off the roof for the Australian homes. Here we are going to help you do an improvement of the air conditioning in your home at no cost or at very low cost. The tips that we have shared here will help you keep air conditioning healthy and as the weather gets warmer and you will require to use them.

Clean the outdoor condenser area

If you have an outdoor condenser unit then make sure that the area around it is well taken care of and all the debris that could be around is well disposed. If you need to have in cleaned on the interior then that should be done by a heating and cooling professional.

Vents Blocked

Always check whether your vents are blocked so as to have the free flow of air, there are several items that could block your vents including toys, furniture etc. they should be kept away. Also, it is a good practice to always vacuum clean your indoor supply vents to avoid any blockages.

air conditioning repair

Adjust your thermostat

Always adjust your thermostat according to the times of the day and the weather conditions. There is no need of having the air conditioning in the room working perfectly when there is no one in the room or house thus when moving out it is better to switch it off or have the temperatures adjusted since it will be used by no one.

Minimize heat in the area surrounding thermostat

Having heat producing elements around the thermostat will increase the temperatures of the surrounding area thus making it not cooling the air. So do not keep any heat producing elements e.g. lamps around the thermostat to minimize the workload of air conditioning. In addition, you are advised not to use driers or ovens when it is hottest in the day since it will give your air conditioner more work than is needed.

Seal all your ductwork

Cross check all your ductwork in the air conditioning system and make sure all the parts that pass through an unconditioned part is properly sealed to avoid air conditioner leak out your conditioned air or water. Any visible leaks in the ductwork can be sealed using a special duct sealing tape awaiting a professional to check it out during the next professional maintenance visit. It is also advisable to have your ductwork sealed with an insulating material with the proper and recommended thickness.

Always clean your drain line

Your drain line that is by the indoor cooling coil, it is situated above the basement furnace should always be clean. It can be cleaned by flushing a cup of chlorine bleach down the drain and then rinsing it with two gallons of water. Having your drain line clear will prevent your basement from taking on some water if in any case there is some blockage in the drain

Having a good understanding of your air conditioning system will help you keep it running efficiently and in top working condition when you most need it.

Air Conditioning Repair Cost – How Much Will You Pay To Fix Your Cooling Unit

air conditioning repairs

The ability to adjust your home’s internal climate is one of the most crucial benefits of homeownership. When outside temperatures soar, a cooling unit at home helps to create that perfect environment indoor everyone needs. However, with most households making use of HVAC systems breakdowns are inevitable at one point or the other.

Unfortunately, you might be dealing with a broken down air con system right now and want to know about air conditioning service and repair cost. The reality is that several factors affect just how much you will end up paying to fix up your cooling unit.

When Your Air Con Breaks Down

The other reality you will have to deal with is that you will pay more to have your cooling system fixed during summer. It all comes down to the fact that summer is the peak season for air con repair services. Most of the time, homes that make use of HVAC systems operate them around the year. The units provide the needed warmth during winter and switch up to the much-needed cooling in summer. The heavy use overburdens some components of the system which need replacement regularly.

 air condition repair

For instance, the air filters are the commonly known aircon components that need regular replacement. If not replaced as needed, they often lead to blockages and other problems requiring professional repair. Unfortunately, these issues crossover between cooling and heating cycles and can cause a malfunction at any point.

When the cooling component “rests” during the winter months, it can mask issues that need immediate repair until summer when it is too late. That is why having your system checked during winter before summer kicks in comes in handy to possibly help you avoid repair costs.

The Urgency

Perhaps your cooling system is working, but you notice some kinks that prevent it from operating optimally. Calling an air conditioning repair expert at this point might cost less than having them come in when you unit stalls completely. Unfortunately, most homeowners will ignore the tell-tale signs that their air conditioner is about to break down.

The signs usually include water collecting around the cooling unit, the air con system circulating dirt and dust, or the system failing to produce adequate cold air around your home. These are distinct issues, but most people disregard them as long as the system keeps running. Also, most of these problems require minor tuneups to fix them up. However, when left “untreated” they soon become major issues and might even lead to a complete system stall.

Calling the air conditioning service professionals when your air conditioning unit has stopped working will often attract a higher repair cost.

The truth is that the repair cost is relative based on the particular issue, the contractor, and the scope of work involved. Replacements will usually cost more than minor system adjustments. To sum it up, to keep air conditioning repair costs down you might want to get that annual tune-up and call the repair experts as soon as possible.

Understanding the Heater Repair Process

heating repair hobart

It is quite unfortunate that many appliances in the home are bound to break down and stop functioning well after some time. The same applies to the heater where homeowners must immediately start thinking about repair heater. If you are not in a position to conduct the repairs by yourself, it is best to call in a professional who will come in and solve the issue without any qualms.

Finding the right heating repair professionals is never easy. The market has numerous options, which usually confuses the consumer because they do not know who to work with. Below are a few helpful tips that will help you end up with the right repair expert.

Seek References From Trustworthy People  

Knowing people who have worked with heater repair technicians before can work to your advantage. They can refer you to the professionals who will come in and satisfactorily complete the job.

 heating repair brisbane

It is always best to gather the specialist’s names from many people. You might find that many people mention one day. He/she would be the ideal expert to settle for because many individuals are confident about their skills in the repair sector.

Make Sure Repairmen Can Handle Your Heater

Different homes install different heaters that satisfy the needs of their homes. While dealing with the subject of repair heater, it is always wise to confirm that the individual who is coming to your abode has experience with the specific brand and type you have in your house.

Avoid people who come to learn on the job as they can come to mess things up. Remember to communicate the issue the heater has so that the technicians can know the problem ahead of time to prepare sufficiently.

Ensure All Papers and Credentials Are in Order

Never hire a repairer who does not have the correct papers to do the job. In the case where a person does not deliver, you will only blame yourself. You will also have the burden of looking for another expert to come and correct the mistakes.

Proper papers include things such as licenses, certificates, insurance, and bonds. Confirm prior that the documents the repair experts present and legit and up-to-date to avoid problems in the future.

Negotiate Repair Rates

It is always advisable to ensure you know the price that you will pay for the repair work before the technicians start their job. It will help you budget as well as avoid conflict down the line. If possible, try and negotiate the rates with the professionals to see if you can save some money. It should, however, not compromise the quality of the repair heater work because you should always get value.

Ask For Warranty

To be confident that maintenance specialists do a good job ask whether they offer warranties. Do not forget to ask about the duration of the guarantees to get something reasonable.

It is usually an assurance that should anything go wrong with the work they do; the experts will be responsible for rectifying the mistakes. It also implies that you will not use personal resources to fix their errors.


Ceiling Fan Installation Mistakes to Avoid

ceiling fan installation

Being a DIY person, you naturally plan to attempt a ceiling fan installation as it seems to be a rather simple task. However, sometimes tasks that seem simple to do can turn out to be complicating. If you also plan to install your ceiling fan, its better you know about the common mistakes people make so that you can avoid them.

  1. Not correctly measuring the ceiling slopes

This is a mistake made by many people wherein the fan will not be able to facilitate proper air circulation. Maintaining a height of 2 feet against the ceiling is always ideal.

  1. Forgetting to assemble the fan before hanging it

It’s essential that you correctly set-up the ceiling fan, using the help of a manual or guidebook before installing it. You have to do things like inserting the ideal fan rod, placing the motor up and then threading the wire through the fan and into the mounting collars.

  1. Not removing old boxes

Always remove the old box before installing the new fan by switching off the central panel power and removing it using a wood block and hammer. Switch off the circuit breaker powering the light fixture and switch, and check all wires using a voltage tester to ensure they are switched off before starting the installation. This is essential to prevent possible electric shock.

  1. Not having the proper tools ready

It’s always better to have all the appropriate tools available for your ceiling fan installation before you start your job. These tools include a tape measure, wrench set, hammer, 4-in-1 screwdriver, nut driver, non-contact voltage tester and wire stripper. Also keep the required equipment like the ceiling fan, switch, fan brace, wire connectors and box assembly ready before starting the job.

  1. Using the old fan hanger bracket and box

No matter how good the old fan hanger bracket and box may seem, you need to install a new one while installing your new fan. Of course, you need to remove the old box to install the new one, and it’s better if you also install a fan brace for holding the fan.

  1. Poor wiring

This is a mistake many people make. In the hurry of installing a new fan, they forget to wire the fan, fan light and switch correctly. The wires have to be precisely connected to the ground wires and neatly folded into the box.

  1. Improper control of fans

Many people make the mistake of poorly installing and controlling fans. You have three options while installing your ceiling fan. You can leave the old switches for switching on the fan and use the remote control device to control the lights and ceiling fans.

ceiling fan installation

Another option is to use the existing switches and a pull chain to control the lights and fans. The third option is disabling one 3-way switch and rewiring the switch for wall-mounted electronic control.

Whatever your option may be, it’s always better to seek an expert electrician’s assistance to help you out with your wiring and ceiling fan installation so that you can avoid these mistakes and enjoy the fresh breeze of the fan!

Air Conditioning Trivia That Will Make You Say “Cool!”

ducted air conditioner repair

It’s a serious and technical topic, and not one that you would think can be pretty entertaining. But check out this list of interesting, quirky, and flat out weird facts about air conditioning that will make you say, “cool!”.

  1. We have the invention of air conditioners and industrial-grade air conditioning systems to thank for the development of a lot of modern medicine (along with the countless men and women in the field of medicine who have dedicated their lives to the practice, of course). Because of the cool temperatures that an air conditioning unit provides in a laboratory setup, not to mention the fact that an air conditioning system allows scientists and doctors to set up controlled environments ideal for testing and experimentation, there have been so many advancements in the field of medication, allowing doctors, scientists and researchers to discover and develop cures, vaccines and the like for various previously incurable diseases. If that doesn’t make you want to say “cool”, we don’t know what will.
  2. Did you know that the movie term “summer blockbuster” was coined during the great depression, and its inception had something to do with air conditioners? That’s because movie theatres in the United States were among the very first public and commercial spaces to be set up with air conditioning. And during the scorching summer season, people would rush and flock to movie theatres not necessarily to watch what’s playing but to cool off and get a brief respite from the scorching heat through the movie theatre’s air conditioning. Marketers for movies and movie theatres then found a clever way to capitalize on this increased traffic in cinemas by creating the “summer blockbuster” – that is, by releasing their biggest movies during this time of year. It’s a tradition that Hollywood still practices today!
  3. Did you know that as far back as 180 AD, the Chinese actually built what is perhaps the most ancient precursor to the modern-day ducted air conditioner repair? A Chinese artisan once built a rotary fan that was as wide as about ten feet and had seven wheels. The clever invention could cool off an entire hall! Now that’s a cool ancient invention!
  4. Before Willis Carrier had the idea for an air conditioner in 1902 (and it’s important to note that he thought of the air conditioner, not for the benefit of people, but to help him with his work in a company that published newspapers), a man named John Gorrie first had the idea for a “cooling” machine. He was a doctor in Florida and in order to provide cool air for his patients to help them recover from their various illnesses, he built a machine that was able to make ice that consequently cooled the air in the room it was in. He even got a patent that would allow him to modify the machine and develop it for buildings and houses, but sadly he passed away before he could build it.


Does Your House Need Electrical Repairs

local electrician sydney

There comes a point in any homeowner’s life when he or she is faced with a problem in the home that will require electrical repairs. Regardless of the gravity of the electrical problem, it will always be a nuisance, one that you would want to be fixed immediately. Among the many hassles of having electrical issues include not having your home appliances working properly, being unable to use or power up you and your family’s many gadgets.

But other, more serious electrical problems are more than just a nuisance, as they can lead to potential accidents like fires or electric shocks.

But how can you foresee if your home needs electrical repairs? You need not be an expert or licensed electrician to see the signs. Read on to find out when your house needs a local electrician.

A word of caution: most electrical repairs themselves should often be left to be done by a licensed electrician. As you inspect your home for any electrical problems, always think of your safety first.

 electrician melbourne

  1. You experience sparks when you plug into your home’s electrical outlets.

Occasional sparks in your electrical outlet are considered normal. However, sometimes an outlet spark is indicative of a short circuit that can potentially lead to an electrical fire. Another cause of electrical sparks is when an outlet comes into contact with water.  

When the occasional sparks in your electrical outlets become too frequent for comfort, it’s time to call a residential electrician for some much needed electrical repairs.

  1. A few of your home’s electrical outlets don’t seem to be working.

You’ve had your phone plugged into an electrical outlet in your study for an hour but it hasn’t charged at all. Check your circuit breaker to see if there are any breakers that have tripped. If there are none, check the other outlets of your home. If the lack of power is specific only to one outlet, then that electrical outlet might have already burned out.

You can also spot this if you see any blackening around the plugs of a particular electrical outlet. And even if you’re able to charge into one plug but not on the other, it’s best to have the entire electrical outlet replaced. Worst case scenario, if you neglect to provide electrical repairs to faulty outlets, these outlets can lead to an electrical fire.

electrician kurnell

  1. The lights in your home keep flickering.

No, it’s most likely not because of paranormal activity. Instead, constantly flickering lights are often indicative of a poor connection, which can eventually end up as a broken connection. If you encounter this in your home, contact your trusted electrician to help find the source of the problem so he can administer home electrical repair.

Additionally, if you find your recessed lights constantly turning on and off by itself, it is most likely due to the light fixtures’ mechanism that prevents it from overheating by turning it off. If this happens frequently, there might be a mismatch between the insulation in your ceiling and the light bulb you are using. Consult your electrician on how this can be corrected.


Learn What it Takes to Become a Successful Electrician

electricians melbourne

Being an electrician is no easy task, but succeeding in this profession is possible. Read on to learn more about the characteristics and skill sets commonly found among successful electricians.

  1. Strength and stamina

Being an electrician can be a physically demanding job. You will not always be working in the most ideal environments, in fact, you will often be exposed to difficult work environments over long periods of time. Given this, you will need to be physically capable of fulfilling the work of an electrician.

  1. Analytical and critical thinker

When it comes to electrical repairs, it’s a lot like trying to solve a mystery with many different clues, or a puzzle with many different parts that are jumbled up together. So in order to become a successful electrician, you will need to be able to analyze different situations and think through complex issues and scenarios in order for you to find a proper solution.

 electrical repairs melbourne

  1. Detail-oriented

Working with electrical wiring systems and doing electrical repairs is a job that requires an electrician to be thorough with his work and very conscious of even the minutest of details. So if you want to become a successful electrician, you’ll need to be patient when it comes to each and every element of the electrical problem you are trying to fix. Overlooking a seemingly irrelevant part or detail can cause problems in the long run.

  1. Good hand-eye coordination

An electrician’s job is a very hands-on job, literally. You will be working with your hands most of the time, pushing wires through tiny spaces, placing small electrical parts in specific locations in an electrical system. Given this, you must have impeccable hand-eye coordination if you are going to succeed as an electrician Melbourne. You’ll need steady hands and a sharp eye in order to get the job done.

  1. Good understanding of math and science

While being an electrical contractor Melbourne requires a lot of physical work, it requires mental work too. You will need to have a good understanding of basic mathematics and scientific principles as well as electrical concepts. You won’t necessarily have to be a math wizard, but having enough knowledge and being comfortable with numbers is absolutely critical.

 electrician melbourne

  1. Ability to manage his time wisely

So being an electrician already requires physical work, but it also requires mental work. But you also need one critical skill: time and project management. Working on an electrical project means you’ll need to manage timelines so that you can finish within the proper duration of time as agreed with your client. You’ll need to be able to draft a calendar of the different steps you’ll be taking in order to finish the project, as well as the amount of time each step takes. If you are unable to manage time wisely, you will find yourself missing deadlines and extending projects, much to the ire of your client.  

All You Need To Know Regarding The Three-Way Light Switches

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Light switch wiring is apparently one of the easiest electrical projects that nearly every homeowner can carry out by himself. It is a general installation project that only requires little electrical knowledge. There are four distinct types of light switches, including the three, four-way switches, the single pole switches as well as the dimmers. Each type of light switch comes with its advantages and disadvantages and based on your personal needs; you can always install the best light switch as recommended by your local electrician Sydney. So today in this particular post, we want to discuss in excruciating details, all you need to know regarding the three-way wall light switches. Peruse through the article and enhance your electrical knowledge.

Typically, a three-way light switch is a variation of the conventional single-pole switch and it allows the user to control the ceiling light or any other type of electrical fixture from two or more varied locations within the room. Usually, a standard switch features only two connections and typically cuts the flow of electric current through the switch itself. However, a three-way switch boasts of three connections which are used in tandem. This implies that instead of stopping the flow of electric current within them, they transmit the electrical energy to either one or more connectors. Three-way switches practically make it possible to regulate a light from multiple locations such as the bottom of a stairway, top of the stairway and both ends of a long hallway. Simply put, these types of light switches feature additional connections which allow the circuit to be regulated from various locations or points.

 electrician footscray

The unique features of a three-way light switch

By carefully examining the three-way light switch, you will realise that there are lots of visible differences when compared to their single-pole light switch counterparts. First and foremost, you’ll notice the casing of a typical three-way light switch wiring is comparatively bulkier and thicker. Besides, the switch toggle lever usually does not feature the OFF/ON marking which is familiar with the single-pole switches. These are just some of the notable differences.

Based on electrical terms though, experts explain that the vast difference between a three-way light switch and the other types of switches lies on the screw terminals on both switches. Whereas the conventional light switch comes equipped with two screw terminals on one part of the switch and a third green screw for grounding connection to the metal strap, a three-way switch boats of an additional screw terminal. On most occasions, the extra screw terminal available in three-way electrical wiring switches is relatively darker as compared to the other terminals.

This additional screw terminal is referred to as the switch’s common connection point. Its primary purpose is to provide or transfer the electrical current from the circuit breaker box to the other switches or the lighting fixtures. The other screw terminals on a three-way light switch are usually brass-coloured and are utilised to create a connection between the circuit cables that run between the two three-way outlets. They are referred to as traveller terminals, whereas the wires which run between the switches are called traveller cables.

 residential electrical contractors

Is it possible to install three-way light switches on your own?

It is imperative to note that these types of switches are usually difficult to install and this implies that you’ll need the electrician‘s assistance of a highly-trained electrician. One of the most common issues you are likely to experience during the DIY wiring process is arguably improper wiring. Simply put, you can easily connect the circuit wires to the wrong screw terminals. It is somehow easy to get mixed up when trying to replace three-way light switches and this is perhaps because the colour coding in the latest light switch devices is quite different from the previous standard colour coding. To avoid this type of confusion, it is widely accepted that you should first mark all your wires, especially before you disconnect the old ones.

Are three-way light switches prone to mechanical problems?

Just like any other type of electrical equipment, switches are equally subject to a number of mechanical issues. With time, the connections may get loose, and the switches may also fail as a result of normal wear and tear.

What are the potential benefits of installing three-way light switches?

Three-way light switches offer certain advantages. Thanks to their functionality, they can be installed in stairwells, hallways, moderately larger bathrooms as well as in other large rooms where you may want to regulate your lights from multiple points.

Secondly, this kind of switches can use together with the so-called eco-friendly energy saving bulbs, a functionality that is usually not possible when working with the other light switches, including dimmer switches.

Why An Electrician Near Me Is A Better Choice

Melbourne electrician

It’s important you choose a good electrician to look after your home and office electrical repairs and installation needs. Emergencies come unannounced, and it’s always better to be ready to handle them by knowing a good electrician you can depend on to handle these emergencies.

You will be entrusting your home and office systems in their hands, so they have to be adept and experienced enough for it. You face the risk of ending with inconvenience, damage and even fires erupting if something goes wrong due to the electrician’s inexperience and incompetence.

electrical repair

So read on to find out what you have to look out for in an electrician near me.

  • Look for electricians who are always kept updated with the National Electrical Code. It is the reputable companies who ensure their electricians attend the necessary courses so that they remain current with the code that changes every three years.
  • Check the electrician’s license to make sure it’s current. A licensed electrician helps you avoid ending up with overloaded circuits, wrong grounding, poor wire connections and faulty safety elements because the work was performed by an unlicensed electrician.
  • It’s always better for you if you hire an electrician who has the right bonding and insurance like general liability and workers’ compensation coverage and is willing to state this in writing. You never know when accidents may occur while electricians are on the job, and it is this coverage that protects you in case something goes wrong.
  • Hire electricians based on their specialization as commercial electricians are unnecessary, and a waste to call to replace your home’s outlets and switches. Consequently, residential electricians may not be fast or competent enough to call to wire large buildings. You should basically hire someone who is authorized, and knows what he does and can stick to your deadlines.
  • Check their rates as you should be able to afford to call them whenever you have a problem or emergency. Don’t just check the rates for the services you may require, but also check to ensure that there are no hidden costs which may escalate the bill you finally receive from them for their services.
  • References are always helpful in choosing the right electrician for your electrical work. You need not depend only on family and friends for their references. The social networks and the internet today helps you make contact with customers who have used these electricians before so that you can find out how pleased they were with their work.
  • Last, but not least, look for electricians who give parts and labour warranty for their job done. This proves that they’re confident with their work and that they will always stand behind it.

No matter what business you have, or where you may be living, an electrician near me is always a better choice. These local electricians will be able to quickly reach you in emergencies.

Besides, local electricians are well versed with the local codes and rules and will be able to do a much better job for you. They also go through an apprenticeship program of a few years, which differs from one state to another.