Ducted Air Conditioning Increases Sydney House Selling Prices

ducted air conditioning

Ducted or split air conditioning- this is the question in most people’s minds in Sydney while choosing the right air condition system. While the choice is based on individual preferences, ducted air conditioning is the preferred choice for many as for it’s even dispersal of air throughout the house. 

In addition to even cooling, ducted air conditioning is aesthetically appealing as it is relatively unobtrusive when installed. The cool air is conveniently disbursed through hidden ducts in the room ceilings and thus looks great on the outside. Besides, only its grilles are visible on the outside once mounted. 

Cheaper option

Another benefit of ducted air con is its prices. It is much cheaper installing ducted air conditioning throughout the house than installing individual wall split air conditioners in each room. 

Ducted aircon ensures even distribution of cold air throughout the house without any cold or hot spots. Moreover, you can also customise the air conditioning in each room based on your individual preferences. So everyone is comfortable throughout the house even in the scorching Sydney summers. 

Noise efficient 

Ducted AC units are the most noise efficient AC system available as it is installed in obscure places like the ceiling, outside the house or under the floor. So any sound produced is muffled by its location.

Different ducted air conditioning brands in Sydney have different zones you can control using a single system. Moreover, most brands have a central temperature and zone control feature with timers to set your AC schedule. Once set, you can forget about them. 

Ducted AC units also help fetch you better prices for your home if you intend to sell it in the future. Its presence adds to the overall sale value of your home.

Proper maintenance and use

Besides, you can save on your electricity bills with ducted air conditioning as you can switch off the system in empty rooms. Of course, all this is possible only if you use, maintain your AC system well. 

You can program it to run less during the day when the house is empty, and more in the evenings when the family is at home. With its multiple zone features, you can set the AC system to cool only the main rooms which are used, instead of the entire home. 

It’s better switching on your AC system early on a hot Sydney summer day instead of waiting for your home to become really hot. This ensures and maintains the efficiency of the system in the long run.

Make it a point to check its filters once a fortnight, and to replace remote control batteries at least annually. It’s better to replace filters in ducted air conditioning systems at least once a year. Also check to ensure its outdoor unit is free of debris, shrubs or leaves. This maintains the overall performance of the AC system. 

So if you are thinking of installing an AC unit for your Sydney home, it’s not only prices but also the type of AC system you need to decide upon. Ducted air conditioning is a popular choice amongst people in Sydney- what’s yours?

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