Ceiling Fan Installation Mistakes to Avoid

ceiling fan installation

Being a DIY person, you naturally plan to attempt a ceiling fan installation as it seems to be a rather simple task. However, sometimes tasks that seem simple to do can turn out to be complicating. If you also plan to install your ceiling fan, its better you know about the common mistakes people make so that you can avoid them.

  1. Not correctly measuring the ceiling slopes

This is a mistake made by many people wherein the fan will not be able to facilitate proper air circulation. Maintaining a height of 2 feet against the ceiling is always ideal.

  1. Forgetting to assemble the fan before hanging it

It’s essential that you correctly set-up the ceiling fan, using the help of a manual or guidebook before installing it. You have to do things like inserting the ideal fan rod, placing the motor up and then threading the wire through the fan and into the mounting collars.

  1. Not removing old boxes

Always remove the old box before installing the new fan by switching off the central panel power and removing it using a wood block and hammer. Switch off the circuit breaker powering the light fixture and switch, and check all wires using a voltage tester to ensure they are switched off before starting the installation. This is essential to prevent possible electric shock.

  1. Not having the proper tools ready

It’s always better to have all the appropriate tools available for your ceiling fan installation before you start your job. These tools include a tape measure, wrench set, hammer, 4-in-1 screwdriver, nut driver, non-contact voltage tester and wire stripper. Also keep the required equipment like the ceiling fan, switch, fan brace, wire connectors and box assembly ready before starting the job.

  1. Using the old fan hanger bracket and box

No matter how good the old fan hanger bracket and box may seem, you need to install a new one while installing your new fan. Of course, you need to remove the old box to install the new one, and it’s better if you also install a fan brace for holding the fan.

  1. Poor wiring

This is a mistake many people make. In the hurry of installing a new fan, they forget to wire the fan, fan light and switch correctly. The wires have to be precisely connected to the ground wires and neatly folded into the box.

  1. Improper control of fans

Many people make the mistake of poorly installing and controlling fans. You have three options while installing your ceiling fan. You can leave the old switches for switching on the fan and use the remote control device to control the lights and ceiling fans.

ceiling fan installation

Another option is to use the existing switches and a pull chain to control the lights and fans. The third option is disabling one 3-way switch and rewiring the switch for wall-mounted electronic control.

Whatever your option may be, it’s always better to seek an expert electrician’s assistance to help you out with your wiring and ceiling fan installation so that you can avoid these mistakes and enjoy the fresh breeze of the fan!

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