Air Conditioning Trivia That Will Make You Say “Cool!”

ducted air conditioner repair

It’s a serious and technical topic, and not one that you would think can be pretty entertaining. But check out this list of interesting, quirky, and flat out weird facts about air conditioning that will make you say, “cool!”.

  1. We have the invention of air conditioners and industrial-grade air conditioning systems to thank for the development of a lot of modern medicine (along with the countless men and women in the field of medicine who have dedicated their lives to the practice, of course). Because of the cool temperatures that an air conditioning unit provides in a laboratory setup, not to mention the fact that an air conditioning system allows scientists and doctors to set up controlled environments ideal for testing and experimentation, there have been so many advancements in the field of medication, allowing doctors, scientists and researchers to discover and develop cures, vaccines and the like for various previously incurable diseases. If that doesn’t make you want to say “cool”, we don’t know what will.
  2. Did you know that the movie term “summer blockbuster” was coined during the great depression, and its inception had something to do with air conditioners? That’s because movie theatres in the United States were among the very first public and commercial spaces to be set up with air conditioning. And during the scorching summer season, people would rush and flock to movie theatres not necessarily to watch what’s playing but to cool off and get a brief respite from the scorching heat through the movie theatre’s air conditioning. Marketers for movies and movie theatres then found a clever way to capitalize on this increased traffic in cinemas by creating the “summer blockbuster” – that is, by releasing their biggest movies during this time of year. It’s a tradition that Hollywood still practices today!
  3. Did you know that as far back as 180 AD, the Chinese actually built what is perhaps the most ancient precursor to the modern-day ducted air conditioner repair? A Chinese artisan once built a rotary fan that was as wide as about ten feet and had seven wheels. The clever invention could cool off an entire hall! Now that’s a cool ancient invention!
  4. Before Willis Carrier had the idea for an air conditioner in 1902 (and it’s important to note that he thought of the air conditioner, not for the benefit of people, but to help him with his work in a company that published newspapers), a man named John Gorrie first had the idea for a “cooling” machine. He was a doctor in Florida and in order to provide cool air for his patients to help them recover from their various illnesses, he built a machine that was able to make ice that consequently cooled the air in the room it was in. He even got a patent that would allow him to modify the machine and develop it for buildings and houses, but sadly he passed away before he could build it.


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