Advantages of Split System Air Conditioning

split system air conditioning

A split AC system is a cooling unit that consists of the indoor and the outdoor unit. The outdoor unit houses the expansion coil, condenser, and compressor. The outdoor unit can be mounted on the exterior wall of the room that the homeowner wants to keep in cool conditions. The indoor units consist of the long blower, the air filter, and the cooling coil.

The way a split air conditioner works is pretty simple. The compressor first condenses the refrigerant and then circulates it through the outdoor unit. At this point, the refrigerant changes from gas to liquid. The condensed liquid is then directed through the indoor evaporator coil which is also known as the cooling compartment. What follows is that the indoor unit fan circulates the air inside the room ensuring that the air is blowing through the evaporator fins. These evaporator fins then draw thermal energy from the circulating air. At this point now, the refrigerant quickly turns from liquid to vapor, and by so doing eliminates the heat from the air around. Once the heat is released from the air, a cooling effect is realized when the already cooled air is blown back into the room.

The split air conditioner is a little different from other A/C units, in that installing is quite simple since no ductwork is involved. The outdoor and the indoor units are linked together through the tubing and a set of electrical wires. This makes the installation of a split AC a little bit cheaper compared to the cost incurred on installing the other types. The split AC system minimizes the loss of energy, something the traditional AC systems are unable to prevent. In the traditional air conditioner system, there is an emission of heat. This heat is exchanged through the duct system. There are minimal chances of loss of energy due to heat on a split AC system.

The split AC system has many advantages as compared to the traditional AC systems.

To begin with, is that the split system runs quietly unlike the traditional ACs which cause noise pollution while in operation. The part responsible for the production of the noise is the fan. The fan of a split air conditioner system is placed outside hence the house remains cool and quiet.

An additional benefit of a split AC system is that the user has the choice of installing a multi-split system whereby they can have more than one indoor unit linked directly to one outdoor unit. This attribute of a split AC system enables it to cool different rooms at the same time. It can also regulate the temperature of a large room with different indoor cooling units placed at different places.

Additionally, a split AC system is an ideal way of cooling a home in a cost-effective method. However, what one must understand is that the initial cost of buying a split air conditioner system is higher than that of buying a traditional air conditioner system. That said though, one must note that a split AC system does not require the services of a professional when installing. It has a straightforward process and one can install it by themselves.

The greatest benefit of installing a split air conditioner system is that it saves one on the energy bills for it does not waste any of its energy produced through heat like the traditional types. The split air conditioner system is more reliable as compared to the traditional cooling systems. This system seldom breaks down. This is because it does not generate heat while running like the traditional air conditioners. The heat generated by a cooling unit is a major contributor to an air conditioning system breakdown.

A split air conditioner system is a great addition to any home especially those who live in areas where the weather is extremely hot. It will help families live comfortably in their homes.

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