Here at Live Creative, we aim to make it easier for our customers to better manage their home. That is why we provide a resourceful approach to home services and utilities. Our goal is simple. We strive to make your home management run smoothly through managing energy, and home services that’s painless and great value for your money.

Since 2012, we have launched our home services with the ambition to help our customers maintain their homes without spending a fortune. With quality customer service, we help give you the best possible experience in every service we provide.

At Live Creative, our philosophy for our business is to solve the major problems using the right tools at the right time with the best price.

As a strong home service platform, Live Creative is the right service for your everyday home woes with cleaning, repair, and maintenance. We are the leading on-demand home services platform; we offer an array of services that includes plumbing, electricity, carpentry, AC Repairs, Appliances repair, and Pest control.

Got a leaking tap that won’t stop running? Does your carpet need to be cleaned? We’re here to help you by taking on all the work for you.