5 Common Plumbing Problems That Happen During the Summer

With summer’s arrival, homeowners everywhere are preparing their home for their annual barbecues and pool parties for some fun in the sun. With so much excitement, your plumbing system might be the last thing on your mind. This guide will help prepare you and your home for what’s to come and how you can avoid these issues for a care-free summer.

Here are 5 common plumbing problems that happen during the summer.

Clogged Toilets

With a large family, your toilets are more prone to work double time during the summer season. While some children enjoy playing in the bathroom, other children will use more toilet paper than they should. Take every opportunity to discuss these issues with your family and keep a plunger on hand for any mishaps that might occur.

Sprinkler Issues

Automatic sprinklers tend to fall apart within a few years at a time. This leads to broken sprinkler heads that end up wasting water. Fix your broken sprinkler heads by removing the oldheads with new replacement.

Backups in the Sewer Line

Sewers can often get backed up during the afternoon storms. As a result, the ground will become saturated with rain and leave your sewers backed up. Install a drain plug to prevent any water from backing up.

Leaks in the Washing Machine

With summer break, kids will more likely be at home. As a result, your washing machine will run more than usual. To prevent a sudden leak, be sure to check the hoses for any possible leaks. If there is one, replace your hose immediately. Consider investing in a stainless steel hose as they will last longer than rubber material.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

With more summer festivities and parties, your garbage disposal will get more use than normal. Luckily, a clogged garbage disposal can be preventable. You can avoid this by flushing only the appropriate waste. Avoid coffee grounds, grease, and oil. If your disposal begins to clog, try boiling water and vinegar.

Is your home plumbing system ready for the summer? Have you had your annual checkup? Comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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